I am a licensed real estate agent in the province of Quebec in Canada since 2006. I work in one of the largest real estate agencies Sutton-Actuel inc. I speak English, French and Russian.
You will be with me in full confidence that the transaction will be successful because of my experience in real estate since 1988 in Moscow, and then in Canada since 2006. I possess all the necessary knowledge and contacts.
Call me to consult before buying or selling a home, and I will help you save thousands of dollars, time, and most importantly nerves.

Why use an agent?

More specifically, what are the benefits that you will have if you use my services when selling and buying a home?

• I know how many homes were sold in your area over the past year and can help you determine the optimal price for your home and sell it to your best advantage.
• I developed a sales strategy that will attract more potential buyers.
• I will take most of the required tasks in the sale of a home, such as advertising on websites and in newspapers, communicating with potential buyers and their agents, the installation of the sign “For Sale”, the collection of necessary documents, etc. My work makes your life easier and relieves stress.
• I know the smallest details of the process of selling homes and will inform you of your rights and responsibilities under the Civil Code.
• As an experienced real estate agent, I will do my best, in the process of negotiations and bargaining so that you get the best price for your home.
• From my experience I know the advantages and disadvantages of the different areas of Montreal and its surroundings, which affect real estate prices, and help you find the best option.
• Properly completed documents will save you from future problems.
• My contacts will help you to inspect and obtain a mortgage with experienced specialists. I can also help you with the selection of a notary, insurance companies and specialists in house repair.
• With me you will save time when searching for home visits, as I have access to all sources of information to find the house of your dreams.
• And finally, I have a flawless strategy and ways to reduce the price when bargaining.

Consumers Tell Us the Advantages of Doing Business With a Real Estate Broker