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Practical information for Buyer


Buyer Information

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Buyer Practical Guide (click on image)

The Importance of Good Credit

There are a number of steps to getting mortgage financing. A particularly important step, and one many people don't give much thought to, is the credit check. As a routine part of the application process the lender will order a copy of your credit history... MORE>>>

Housing options available to empty nesters and retirees

The kids have grown up. Pension is just around the corner. The home that you've lived in and loved has become too big for the two of you or just yourself. Your friends have downsized to smaller homes and retirement communities. The advantages are obvious they say - smaller homes translate into lower costs and less maintenance. Retirement communities ensure like-minded neighbours. The lifestyle decision is yours... MORE>>>

Title insurance explained

Title insurance is growing in popularity in Canada. But what is it exactly? Should you get it? Do you need it? This article will provide you with some background information about title insurance to help you make an informed decision... MORE>>>

Have the home inspected

Buying a home is one of the most important investment decisions you will make in your lifetime. As such, it makes sound financial sense to enlist the services of a qualified home inspection company to ensure your home is as solid and secure on the inside as it is on the outside. A home inspection will determine the structural and mechanical soundness of your home. Your home inspector will identify existing and potential problem areas, suggest practical low-cost solutions, and provide estimates regarding costs for any work required. Shortly after the inspection has taken place, a report summarizing the findings is generally provided to the potential purchaser.
By commissioning a home inspection prior to purchase, you're protecting both yourself and your investment, as well as buying a little peace-of-mind.

Choosing a neighbourhood

It is important that the neighbourhood you choose to live in is well suited to you and your family. The following is a list of considerations and possible problem areas... MORE>>>

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